tired of corporate greed?
Then stop funding it...

Prepare for the fightback in 2014.
One new movement, six little moves.

The Revolution Starts Here

Wondering what you can do in the face of growing inequality and corporate greed? Wondering what the revolution could look like? 

The world will not change unless we, the consumers, change too. Don’t blame irresponsible banks and reckless companies…withhold their income instead.

The 6 moves are not convenient, but they are concrete and achievable.

They require you not to be lazy. They require solidarity, sacrifice and an iron will. They require you to set yourself a challenge and see it through because you believe in a better world and because you’re tired of big words, small actions.

We cannot wait for the political parties to bring about a re-distribution of wealth, they are not listening. We must re-distribute it ourselves.

If we make 6 concrete moves together in 2014, we can start the fightback.

By diverting our money elsewhere we can stem the flow of corporate riches overnight.

If we truly want to, we can dissolve the forces of inequality and climate change tomorrow, by simply refusing to pay for them. 

Choose the 3 people most likely to join you and let them know that you are going to make the 6 moves. You have 2 months to plan them using the resources below. Our work begins in 2014, be ready.

Nothing but inaction stands in our way.

Start the revolution, make the moves, be the change.


The 1st Move: Your Energy


I will switch to a 100% renewable energy supplier

The government cannot close down the fossil fuel industry, but we can.

If you don’t want climate change, don’t fund it. 

If you don’t want electricity from coal and other fossil fuels, stop paying for it.

Companies such as Ecotricity are also announcing price freezes. There has never been a better time to switch.



Good Energy

Ovo Energy

The 2nd Move: Your Phone


If I have to buy a new smartphone in 2014, I will buy a Fairphone (http://www.fairphone.com)

The hardest move of them all. 

Millions of us have smartphones. But not many of us think about the precious metals inside them or how they are made.

The only way to send a message is to stop buying them until things change. Will you take the step?



The 3rd Move: Your money


I will withdraw all my money from the big banks, and open an account with a more ethical bank.

The banking sector is the engine of global warming and corporate indifference. It pumps the lifeblood.

Without our money, they cannot exist. No money, no bonuses.

While the Co-op Bank may have been taken over, it is still the only bank with a black-and-white ethical policy. This forbids investment in the arms trade, for example.

These people are trying to keep it in place.

See the resources for other options.


Move Your Money

Simpler World 7-day Switch Guarantee

Save Our Bank

Co-Operative Bank

Triodos Bank

The 4th Move : Fast Fashion


I will only buy Fairtrade, vintage or recycled clothes.

There is only one way to stop poverty wages, exploitation and factory collapses in the clothing industry: don’t buy the clothes.

Make the move away from fast fashion by deciding not to buy a single garment of non-fairtrade clothing in 2014. If you buy new clothes, buy from responsible brands like People Tree (or look for others here).

Otherwise, buy recycled clothes from vintage shops or charity shops. 


Ethical Fashion Forum

People Tree


The 5th Move : Organic Food


I will buy organic food whenever I can.

It couldn’t be simpler. If you can afford to buy organic food in 2014 but choose not to, you are perpetuating climate change.

If you can afford to buy organic in 2014 but choose not to, this will remain the status quo.

Our industrialised food and farming system is currently responsible for around 30% of UK emissions.

Soil is the foundation of our entire food chain. It is all we have. Organic farming builds healthy soil, as well as respecting and delighting in biodiversity.

Organic farmers do not plunder the earth’s resources and they do not genetically modify our food.


Use Abel & Cole or Riverford to plan your organic food shopping.

Look at the Soil Association’s guide to organic on a budget.

The 6th Move: Change Cleaning Products


I will only buy cleaning products that do not harm the environment.

Withhold the income of companies that produce toxic, petro-chemical cleaning products containing chlorine bleaches, phosphates, optical brighteners and synthetic fragrances. Always look for paraben-free and phosphate-free products.

While there may be no such thing as fully ‘green’ cleaning products, there are companies such as method and Ecover that are trying to produce cleaning products in a more responsible, less toxic way.


Ethical Superstore



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